Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25

This week was crazy busy!! Sister Stanfill and I had 3 exchanges this week and we didn't even have a car to drive about 40 miles round trip to Corpus Christi and about 30 miles round trip to meet in Sinton twice. Good thing we have awesome members! The reason why we didn't have a car is because Sister Stanfill hit a pole when we were leaving the gas station, but cool thing is, I got to exchange with Sister Rivera!!! (My MTC companion).  We had an awesome day and biked like crazy all over town.  It turns out that Sister Perez has a knee infection right now, so on doctor's orders, she can't walk around and she has to keep her leg constantly elevated.  Sister Rivera was so excited to go out to work! Also, that day, one of their investigators told us that she could tell that we are already friends and that we mesh well :)

The other exchange was with Sister Holloway, and we lived in the same apartment down in Harlingen.  Sister Holloway is a really great friend too.  

The third exchange was with Sister Peyro who lives with me.  Her and her companion have had some struggles finding anyone that will listen to them in their area, but I was able to see some things that might help them if they change it.  

Turns out that I biked everyday from Tuesday to Saturday with little meal appointments, and I was constantly hungry!  Good thing we got stuff for Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Yesterday, we went to visit Armando after he came to church, and he is our all-time best friend.  He's even learning English and sang us a song that he learned.  It was kind of a rap.  I took a video, but I can't email it because the server wont let me.  Some of the lyrics were "errybody and super freak"  hahaha i think that was the best thing that has happened on the mission.  

Every time we leave Armando's house, we are so happy!!!  A sad thing that we found out was that Armando's mom (who lives in Mexico) died on Saturdaythough.  I dont think he knows either.  Poor kid :(   

Also, a miracle that happened this week was we had 3 investigators at church :)  One of them was Jadelynn, and she is the granddaughter of a recent convert, but her dad usually doesn't let her go to church.  Last week, though, we decided to fast so that he would.  Instead, he started reading the Book of Mormon! I love fasting now :) 

A really good chapter that I read this week was Helaman 5 in the Book of Mormon.  I love how Lehi and Nephi didn't get burned from the fire because of their faith.  I know that through dilligent prayer, scripture study, and attending church, we will increase our faith.

Love You!
Sister Findlay

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