Monday, August 1, 2016

9 Month Mark!

Well, this week, a lot of cool miracles happened.  We found lots of less actives that we haven't had any luck finding earlier.  I think a  lot of it had to do with our new SCHEDULE CHANGE!!! It is so exciting! Instead of having study time for 3 hours straight in the morning, and then lunch, and then going out to work, we only have study time for 2 hours (personal and comp) and then go out and find primarily less actives from 10-12 and then we come back and eat lunch and study for an hour from 12-2.  It is perfect! Nobody is ever usually home around 12-2 anyway and plus, that is pretty much the hottest time of the day.  Going out and working at 10 is so much better! I feel like President Torres will start making many more changes which will help us be better missionaries.

Speaking of being a better missionary, I read the talk called the Fourth Missionary.  It talks a lot about putting off the natural man and being a better missionary by putting you heart and mind into the work as well as your might and strength.  I think there is always more to improve on, but hopefully I will be able to do that to bless people's lives that much more.

Have I told you before how nice the people here in Texas were before? This week, even, a female pastor from a baptist church, let us in to share our message.  She said that she would pray about it too! Also, it's just amazing to me that right after we introduce ourselves, the people here will usually ask if we want a water and usually let us use their bathroom too.  It's awesome.

Also, funny thing that keeps on happening is that the Bishop's family (Hawaiian), whenever they invite us over to eat, they always have something that I have been craving.  The first time it was salmon, then mochi (Hawaiian dessert), then CURRY, and this last time we had shiuyu chicken (pronounced like Show you...dont know how to spell it haha like a gingery chicken).  But seriously, they just know me too well.  Even this last time, I told Sister Stanfill, I hope they have Shiuyu Chicken, and then we came and guess what? There it was.  Ask and ye shall receive 

Also, this week, on the way to exchange with my past trainer on the mission, we got a little lost going into Corpus Christi and before we knew it, we were crossing a bridge over the ocean haha.  I promise it was on accident.  Such a tender mercy though.  Even though the beaches here aren't like California, it was still the big, vast ocean.

Love you :)
Sister Findlay

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