Monday, January 23, 2017

Enjoying missionary work

Dear Friends and Family,

This week, we had two investigators at church! One is a guy that keeps coming but doesn't want to get baptized, but I still translate for him.  The other is Bridgette.  We have been working with her for a couple weeks, but this week, a member came with us to the lesson, and it was great because Bridgette was like who is going to give me a ride? Then, the member was like, "I will!" Bridgette is awesome! Hopefully she will get baptized.  

Also, speaking of baptism, a 16 year old got baptized in the ward.  He is the elder's investigator.  It was so cool though because most of the young men were there and they gave the talks.  The parents also showed some more interest as they felt the spirit at the baptism.

As far as my companionship goes. we are honestly great friends.  Sometimes we annoy each other like sisters now that we have been together so long. Her favorite thing to do is a John Scena or something where she throws me on the bed hahahha.

Also, we got to celebrate Sister Adam's birthday on Saturday at Chili's...I asked the server for some free chips and salsa as a result. At first, she didn't like the idea, but then changed her mind. 

On Saturday, it worked out perfectly that we had to take our car in to Firestone at our 11 o'clock appointment because we were able to get out of role plays where we practice teaching...Sometimes I'm not a big fan haha.

Also, a miracle happened right before coming to the library where this Spanish speaking lady asked us for a Book of Mormon and said her nephew served a mission.  Hopefully the elders can have success.

Love you!

favorite part of pday is to have the house spotless

Monday, January 16, 2017

I'm going to be popular on the mission

So the reason I put that heading is because this week, I got to work in the office on an exchange.  The sisters that work there just help all the senior missionaries out. 

Anyway, Sister Luque (the sister I was with) was working on a powerpoint to help the senior Elder that figures out bike safety.  Anyway, he wanted to find pictures of missionaries being disobedient on their bikes for examples on what not to do.  Since he couldn't find any pictures of disobedient sister missionaries, I said that we could take pictures during our lunch hour. 

I thought that the PowerPoint would just be at the mission leadership meeting that we have every week, but turns out that this powerpoint is going to be shown to everyone on the mission during zone conference.  Whoops haha.  Oh well, I already know a majority of the missionaries anyway. I had fun taking them too.

On Monday, Sister Castro and I spent out P-day making really yummy Dominican food.  We made tilapia, fried plantains, and okra.  SO SO good.  

Also, that other picture of food was at Sister Jorgenson's house.  She is an awesome member that made us all that food.  She asked us what we wanted and I just said I wanted a healthy meal.  It was definitely healthy, but so so delicious.  Best meal I have had on the mission yet.

Sorry, I feel like I am talking about food a lot, but food has a lot of good memories attached.  This week, also, our roomates and I went out to dinner at a place called wing stop.  We had a lot of fun just talking.  I have made so many good friends here, and it is awesome that they are all really good examples.  

One thing that I started studying about this week is about the previous prophets.  I was reading a book about President Howard W. Hunter. It was amazing to me how his dad wasn't strong in the church and wouldn't let him get baptized until he was 13.


Love you all! Have a great week.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Group Letter

Well this week, we had our monthly MLC again (the leadership meeting) and I loved a scripture that my mission president told us.  It's in Doctrine and Covenants 6:29-31 and it basically says that as we are rejected we are blessed.  

Also, it was extremely cold this weekend.  Even amidst the cold, we took a member out with us. She felt so bad for us, that she brought us inside for hot chocolate.  That was such a blessing. 

As far as the rest of the week, I feel like there is not a lot to say, but I got to translate for one of our investigators that comes to Texas every weekend, but he is from Mexico.  I was surprised that I could get the point across in the lesson.  You would think my native companion would translate, but she didn't want to and she doesn't feel like she is very good.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

Best thing ever happened yesterday!! 

We got to watch The Secret Life of Pets.  I was literally laughing the whole time.  Maybe it's because I haven't really seen any movies in about 14 months, but it was a real treat.  

As far as the work, this week, my companion, Sister Castro, was pretty sick, so we didn't get to work a whole lot, but we are trying to find those prepared people.  It's weird to be in a place for 5 months on the mission, but I like that I can actually help the people that I meet because I know them more on a personal level.

Unfortunately, Mary and her family didn't come to church this Sunday.  They are having a hard time acting.  We had some pretty good lessons with her this week too! She even said that she knows that this new year could be a fresh start, but she didn't come. We are going to try by next week and give her some time though.  

Our new roommate is awesome!!! She even tried my green smoothie this morning with aloe vera and cactus haha.

Also, I forgot to tell you about the day that we had a flat tire. 

We turned on the car, and as I pulled out of the driveway I saw that there was the low tire pressure sign.  We then went to Firestone.  In the meanwhile, we got a ride from a member to lunch and then to the library for family history.

Right as we finished, we were driving down the road with the other sisters because they had to get their brakes checked.  Then, the low tire pressure goes on again.  We get out and realize the tire was deflating pretty quickly.  We turn around and go back to Firestone.  Then, we had to wait another couple hours.  It was soo weird because back in September a similar thing happened.

As far as family history, I got to read a really cool story about my ancestor, who was a pilgram.  Now, I don't remember exactly what it was, but I know that through the examples of my family members, I can be supported no matter what trials I may face.

Love you!
Sister Findlay