Monday, July 18, 2016


 Dear Family and Friends,

I have been waiting for this moment to email all of you about Armando!!  He lives in that favorite little town of mine called Odem.  Anyway, Armando was a really good member referral.  He was just adopted into his uncle's family because his mom is living in Mexico and she is dying of cancer...she only has about 10 days to live, but anyway, Armando lives with his uncle who is blind, and they all only speak Spanish! Who knew I would still be using my Spanish up here?  Anyway, the first lesson with Brother Garza (the awesome member that gave us the referral) was a little awkward just because Armando was a little shy, but the next time we went over there with Brother Garza we were all the best of friends and we even have some inside jokes now. Armando is only eleven years-old, but he is so smart and has such a sweet spirit.  The second lesson, we invited Armando to pray at the end of the lesson, and it took a while, but he finally did!! In his cute little prayer he said "estoy agradecido por el pastor Garza y por las pastores" which means "I am thankful for the pastor Garza and the sister pastors." It was soo cute and funny, and now he is comfortable praying!! He should be able to get baptized in a couple weeks, and it wasn't even us that found him.  Brother Garza did our job for us, and every time he comes to lessons with us, he brings the Spirit so strong! 

Also, a little bit more about Armando is that we got to translate for him in Primary (translation is already available in Sacrament) and he was the only kid in his class on Sunday!! After church, we got to visit them again, and Armando related the story of Captain Moroni defending his liberty between the Nephites and the Lamanites.

Another exciting thing is that now we live with a greenie!! Her name is Sister Espitia, and everyone has such a hard time pronouncing it here haha.

Oh, this week, I also sliced my finger pretty bad when I was peeling a kiwi this week, but a member was so nice! When we had dinner at her house, she even put a band-aid on for me and everything! Now it's pretty much better  :).

Also, as a result of transfers, they just switched where our district leader is.  Now he is in our ward and the zone leaders work with a tiny group of about 10 people or so.

Have a great week. 
Love Hermana Findlay

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