Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 6

There was no time for a weekly update, but we were able to chat a little.

Yay! Finally we get to hear from you. I was thinking about calling the mission office to make sure you were okay. haha.

Sister Findlay
 Yay! You are on! I don't have tons of time, but I read all my emails.  Just know that I am okay.  Just been a crazy week because we couldn't email on the 4th and then we had a big meeting in McAllen yesterday (happens every month with all the zone leaders and the STLs).  The new mission president is great.  We are going to baptize so many people by focusing on families.  Also, we moved! I love the new apt.  I feel pretty spoiled with new carpet, a fireplace, and 2 bathrooms for four companionships. I probably should get going.  Love you so much!

email to sister(Carissa)
Love you! Don't have much time, but I had a really fun 4th with facials and massages with the other sisters.  Also, I got so full from all the food we got during the day.  

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