Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 20

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was so awesome! You might be shocked to see in my pictures that I was with my "step mom" on the mission. 
 The reason I call her my step mom is because she finished up training me.  Now I am her leader. Crazy right?  Anyway, it was a blast! She covers a little Spanish branch here in Corpus.  Who knew that there were people that speak Spanish up here in the "Great White North" as what the missionaries call it up here.  Anyway, we got to start our day helping out the 2nd counselor in the branch and his wife move stuff out for a garage sale.  Sister Davis wanted to do the garage sale to raise up some funds for physical therapy due to the pain caused from her recent strokes, then we came back later because he made us lunch and we helped clean up.  That day, there was a super cool miracle! We found some lady that has gone to church for 30 something years, but has never been baptized.  Hopefully the elders will be able to find some success since she speaks English.  Then, we ate, yet again for a Father's Day celebration.  I swear I still haven't gained any weight.  That is a miracle in and of itself.  Featured in the picture is the braids that Sister Villatoro did.  I even kept them in the next day for church.

Also, random thing that happened this week was some members of my ward went to the Carlsbad stake center and saw my missionary plaque.  I guess the member posted it on facebook and another member showed me it while we were helping her make some crafts for girl's camp.  

Also, I got to use the Bishop's lawnmower this week to mow their grass. Super fun! That is what I love about this ward.  They are so willing to let us help with anything--whether it be reactivating people in the ward or helping with yard work or helping pregnant moms clean their houses.  Service is so great!  There is no other substitute.

Earlier in the week, Sister Stanfill and I got to have an exchange with the STLTs (Sister Training Leader Trainers) is what they are called.  They only had a few hours to work with us in CalAllen, but it was awesome.  I was with Sister Moore, and we got to do an exchange together when I was a greenie too, and she says that she can see the difference.  I guess now I seem more comfortable talking to random people.  That is definitely good since we do it everyday.  

Some really cool scriptures that I found this week were in Mosiah 4: 11-16.  I found them when I was reading a talk from President Eyring called Service and Eternal Life.  That is what it is about, and through service, we will be able to be happy!

Love you!

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