Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

 Well, this week was AWESOME!!! It was so much fun :) It was my companion, Sister Castro's 20th birthday this week and we got to celebrate it by first waking up and going into the living room to exercise and seeing balloons, streamers, and party hats everywhere.  Then, I ended up teaching everyone a lesson on how to surf.  We did that for our exercise then, she opened her presents from us.  During lunch, we ate with the other missionaries around where we live at a Mexican restaurant. 

During the day we had a double meal appointment and I had fun telling everyone it was her birthday.  When we came home, Sister Wanner (our roommate) had some brownies ready with lots of candles.  We ate that with ice cream.  Then, we took an adventure by going up to our attic, but one Sister Tupou and I had the guts to actually stay up there for a little bit.  Anyway, it was waaay fun! It is so much fun living with so many sisters.

Also, this week, I got to be in the same area that I started my mission in.  I got to see some of the members, and even got to encourage my recent convert over there to get back to church (she hasn't gone for a month and a half).  Also, I got to be companions with my MTC comp again.  We had a lot of fun!!
Also, some cool miracles happened.  Something that President Torres has advised us to do is instead of asking people if they have a minute, ask if we could say a prayer over their home to bless it.  One night, we didn't have a lot of plans set up, and we needed to contact some referrals to reach our goals.  When I looked at the referrals we had, I felt that we needed to go to this one apt complex, but we only had one referral there.  Then, I handed the sheet over to Sister Castro, and she said the same thing.  That referral is a family and they are now new investigators and then they referred us to Pino (this 21 year old girl from Mexico).  We knocked on her door, she answered, and cheered up when we said that we could bless her home.  She immediately let us in and after Sister Castro's prayer, she cried, and said that that never happens.  We were able to testify that it was the Spirit.  She wants us to come back too! 

Also, on Sunday, we had a lady that was just reactivated bring her granddaughter.  But that was really cool too because when we went over the grand-daughter (Victoria) said she didn't want to go.  Then, Sister Castro and I sang "I am a Child of God" with her Ukelele and after I asked, "Are you sure you don't want to go to church?" Then, she said, "I want to go now."  She felt the Spirit, and went!! Also, she really wants to get baptized.

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