Monday, October 3, 2016

Best Week Ever Until.....

Well this week, I felt like it was the best week ever until Sunday rolled around.  We were preparing for a baptism, but it turns out that Alex never showed up to church. Satan can really get a hold on us if we let him.  

On the other hand, we found some really cool people who came to church this week! Their names are Nina and Javi!  On Monday, we showed up at our meal appt. with the Rawlings family (he is in the stake presidency) and taught the Restoration, and invited Javi to be baptized.  He is really excited for that! We thought he was going to be in a different area, but then it turns out that he stays with his step-dad about 3X each week, so we can still teach him! Yay!! He even played volleyball with us this week at 6:30 in the morning!! That was pretty fun.

Also, Nina is a super cool, spunky lady we met.  She was taught from previous missionaries, and has about 20 cats in her apartment.  Her personality is kind of like Sister McGrath's (shout-out) haha.  That's why I love teaching her so much! She asks so many questions too! Also, she loved conference!

Also, this week, we played soccer one morning, and I scored a goal by dribbling it down the whole field and scored with my left foot! I am so glad we play soccer here.  Also, later in the week, we played basketball.  Sooo fun! 

So, transfers are happening tomorrow...again.  We found out that Sister Barton is leaving, but I am staying.  Also, there will be 6 sisters living in our house now, so that will be fun.  Also, me and my new companion will now be STL's for over 22 sisters!! Crazy! Hopefully my new companion can run so I can run all the stress away! I don't know how I will handle that one, but God's got it under control lol. 

Oh!! Exciting news is that I went to Chuck'E'Cheeses for the first time in my life!! The pizza was sooo good. I don't know what everyone was talking about.  That was pretty funny because it was a member's birthday party, but they said their co-workers would be there and we could talk to them.  They were VERY stand-offish, and it was hard to get them to even look at us.  Oh well, at least we got to go.

Also, conference was so good!! I think I would agree with my dad about Eyring's talk on gratitude being my favorite. "He expressed the benefits of being grateful on Sunday. Keeping the Sabbath day holy would bring so much joy and happiness that one couldn't contain it all." Apply those messages this week! 

Have a great week! Love you all!
Hermana Findlay

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