Monday, October 10, 2016

Cultural diversity!

Dear Family and Friends,

I now have a companion originally from the Dominican Republic named Sister Castro!!! She is so cool!! We are constantly laughing and she is teaching me the Dominican way of saying, "Ehhh, bueno, ya tu sabes," and a cool song to make it rain.  She is literally so funny and can relate to the sisters so easily.  I am so happy!  We are going to speak in Spanish at least one entire day every week. Now I have had conversations in Spanish with people from Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and some others that I cant remember right now.

Also, it is really fun in our house now because there are six instead of four, and now we have someone from Haiti (Sister Cademis), someone from Tonga (Sister Tupou), and my companion.  It is awesome.  Sister Cademis has only lived in the US for 2 years and she is fluent in English, Creole, French, and is learning Spanish. That is who I went on an exchange this week.  See pictures!

This week, it was pretty hard to actually get a lot of things done because I got sick one day and had to stay in, and then we had transfers before that and then meetings every day as well. It was a little hard, but it is alright.  I love the members here! I got to introduce Sister Castro to several of them.  Also, one day, we went and visited Sister Hernandez, and she has been on my mind a lot lately, so when we came she said it was the perfect time. We shared with her Alma 36:36-37.  It was super great! Those are some really cool scriptures :)

Also, we had our monthly leadership meeting with President this week, and a cool thing that he wants us to start doing is to not even say, "How are you?" But to say right away that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and bear testimony to people right away.  It helps us so much to use our time more effective and find more!

Love You,
Sister Findlay

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