Monday, October 24, 2016

"Sister Friendly"

Dearest Friends and Family,

So sorry, but I left home without my camera today.  I completely forgot it :/, but at least I can write about how my week went  This week was really sad but also very spiritual.  One of the first things we found out this week was that our really cool investigator, Nina, passed away.  She is the same age as Mom, too!! It was totally unexpected.  Nina was really sick, but I thought she would recover. My companion and I were so shocked that we couldn't even pay attention to anything that her mom told us that day.  I was fully expecting to see her there when we knocked on her apartment door because we only set the appointment up two days before.  We didn't get to go to the funeral because we went be a day late, too.  However, thanks so much to God's perfect plan of salvation, I will be able to see Nina again and will be able to be baptized for her like she wanted to do next Sunday!  I know for sure that she will be okay and she is in a better place now. 

Another thing that happened this week was that we did an exchange with some sisters that live in La Joya (really far from our area) and we were supposed to meet them at a church that was in McAllen at 5.  We got a text from them at 4:40 saying they were about to be on their way.  Then, they texted us at 5:10 saying "8 miles away." Missionaries are always late, but what really worried us is that they weren't answering their phone calls or text messages.  It was getting late and the thunder and lightning storm was coming fast.  When it became 6 o'clock, Sister Enfield and I were pretty worried about them, not knowing what happened.  After calling the district leader and zone leaders, I decided to call President.  When he answered he told us that he was in Brownsville (about an hour away) but that he would be there in 20 minutes.  He got there at around 6:30 with the assistants.  Everyone pretty much was informed by then, but at around 6:45 they showed up around the corner and turns out they lost the phone somewhere by their apartment and got really lost because the GPS wasn't updated.  That was a crazy day.  At least a very sweet member offered us a ride over to McAllen and was there to comfort us.  After, her husband surprised us by having all the missionaries over for dinner to have a little ward coordination meeting.  The Harding family is by far my favorite members.  The little kids even knew me as "Sister Friendly" the second time I visited them.

Even if we aren't finding very many prepared people, there are always the members that we can count on.  They care about us so much and I really do feel like they are my family her in Texas.  

Another thing that Sister Castro and I got to do was teach seminary.  Let me tell you the sacrifice it is to teach seminary on the mission.  It means that instead of waking up at 6:30, you have to wake up at 4:30 and do exercises barely even having time to look at the lesson plan, and then going to teach intimidating teenagers while missing out on the only day of the week that your missionary zone plays soccer.  It was hard for me to have a good attitude about that one, but our zone leaders were nice enough to let us have another soccer day on Thursday.  It all worked out! It actually was fun to teach seminary and share our testimonies with them.  I'm grateful for the opportunity, and I know that sacrifice brings blessings!

Something that I read this week was in Doctrine and Covenants section 10.  I just love it because even though Satan can do many things, the work of the Lord will never fail because God has it all under control.  I know that is true.

Love You,
Sister Findlay

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