Monday, October 17, 2016

Week of Spiritual Highs

Dear Friends and Family,

This week, we were blessed to have Elder Kopischke come to the mission!! We had a big mission meeting with half of the missionaries (from Harlingen, Mission, and McAllen) and then Sister Castro and I got to hear from him again the next day at the Mission Leadership Council.  It was sooo cool! He even called me out to do a little role play of setting up an exchange for the sisters.  He basically told me I was doing it all wrong and pretty much all the STLs (sister training leaders) were doing it all wrong by setting them up with the district leaders instead of the actual sisters.  It's okay now though because I am improving.  Elder Kopischke also called out our mission president, President Torres, that he needs to stop having missionaries that are about to go home as zone leaders, STLs, and assistants to the President. You know what that means?? I might just be a regular missionary again! I would probably really like that! This week there was one night where I didn't have to call any district leaders or sisters.  I FINALLY could write in my journal!!  

Some points that I really liked of what else Elder Kopischke said is that he simply told us to all relax!! He basically was like God will take care of it--just have the faith!! I really like that because especially this transfer I have just been stressing out so much.  Another thing he said is that we all need to become one with Jesus Christ.  It talks about it in John 17: 20-24.  Then he talked about how all the priesthood ordinances in the Church are so that we can become one with Christ.

Honestly, I just love meetings so much.  Partly because of the free food we get haha, but also because they just motivate me to be better and you can feel the Spirit soo strong!

It has really been a good week! I went on an exchange with Sister Wanner and Sister Sanchez.  Sister Wanner had only 7 days in the mission, but was great! I had fun being with YSA again for the day.  Also, when Sister Sanchez came with me in my area, she was just soo jealous of this great area.  I really love it.  The members are soo great!

Oh!!! I almost forgot to tell you about our adventure last Monday!! We got a call saying that we should get an oil change, so we took it in, and we didn't have anything to do during the meantime, so we decided to walk to HEB (a great grocery store in Texas).  Also, it got it's name from Howard E. Butt or something HAHAHA. We thought it was just a couple blocks down, but it ended up being about a mile away.  We had SOO much fun though! It was fun to just have time to spare.  We even got two samples of sushi and switched our tags in hopes they wouldn't recognize us hahaha.

Love you,
Sister Findlay

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