Monday, November 7, 2016

One Year Mark

Well, this week I hit my year mark.  That means no more desserts for me for the rest of my mission.  Most missionaries have to make a six month to sexy plan because of all the weight they have gained.  Luckily, I don't have to, but I am excited just to eat a little better. I remember on my second transfer an elder told me that I will stop eating healthy soon on the mission, but I am proving him wrong!  Hahaha.  

Anyway, to celebrate our year mark, I got to text the other sisters in the area to meet up for FroYo at Red Mango that day.  It was so much fun!! That is probably my favorite part of being a Sister Training Leader--just being able to communicate with so many sisters and having them look up to me as an example.  Also, sometimes, I feel like exchanges are just sleepovers with some of my friends.  There are some cons to it, but it is generally really fun!

I almost forgot that Halloween was also this week!! I knew that there would be a costume party with the other missionaries, but of course, I didn't prepare by buying a costume because nobody has time for that as a misionary.  But, I was thinking in my head of what I had, and remembered that I had a red, black, and white skirt and also a deck of cards. I decided to dress up as the queen of hearts.  Everyone loved my outfit! 

 Also, there was even a ping pong table there!! President Torres kept playing the whole time though because he was getting competitive and wanted to beat Elder Widmer before the activity did.  I think he finally did after the fifth round.  I wonder who that sounds like...*cough cough* Dad. Haha I also, was the only one that brought a healthy side of hummus and carrots...others decided to bring chips and cookies to go along with the hamburgers and hot dogs.  

Another fun thing I did was that I got to make a candle this week at mutual! The Bishop wanted us to go to mutual every week, and I am glad I have an essential oil smelling candle now.  

Also, I got to go on an exchange with Sisters Postoin, Richardson, and Wanner.  Sorry I forgot to take pictures! I was only with my companion for 2 days last week!

As far as the actually missionary work, a 9 year-old girl in a less active family has gone to church for the past two weeks with her recently active grandma! Her name is Victoria. Hopefully, she will get baptized this month! 

Love you,
Sister Findlay

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