Monday, September 26, 2016

Mormon 9

Dear Friends and Family,

This week, the daughters of the R...... family got baptized!! That is a recently activated family and the two daughters that got baptized.  They have been going through a hard time financially lately, but members in the ward were so willing to help them out.  So many ward members came to the wonderful baptismal service.  Also, a lady in the ward got Ana and Emily some dresses for the special day.  They are such sweet girls!

Also, Alex is progressing really well with the lessons.  We don't know if he can get baptized this Sunday or next (because of conference), but will keep you updated.  Alex even came to dinner with us at the Sale's.  The Sale family feeds us every Thursday and this week, they made curry! Brother Sale just loved how I helped myself to three servings.  I was the only one okay with the amount of spice I think.  (My dad would have been coughing haha)  Anyway, there Alex (who is 19) and Brother Sale (who is in his 50s) made really good friends. Alex even agreed to make the dessert next week!

On a side note, a funny thing that I have been realizing is that I have callouses on my fingers from knocking so many doors lol.  That's a pretty cool thing to say.

Also, that picture with me and bike grease all over is when I went on an exchange with Sister Juchau and noticed that two of the bikes in their apartment have flats. In the morning, I bought some bike tubes and, with the help of Sister Juchau, we put the new tubes in :). It was so much fun to learn how to do that!  A cool thing that happened on the exchange is that nobody was being very nice to us that day, but our goal was to find one new investigator.  I decided to say a prayer to find one, and the next lady we talked to was really interested in coming to church and everything! It was sooo cool!

This week, we had zone conference, and President Torres has elevated our vision once again.  He is so great, and really wants us to focus on the Spirit to lead and guide us.

Also, women's conference was so good!!! It literally answered every single one of my questions!

Challenge of the week: read Mormon 9. I just want all of the people in my area to read it and recognize their pride in not believing in living day prophets. Also, take some questions to conference. I know they will be answered!

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