Monday, August 29, 2016

New area again

So, I am back down in the valley.  I am in a town called Edinburg.  It is super close to McAllen, and fun thing is that I get to do exchanges in the area that I started my mission in! This means that I have been to 4/7 zones of the mission.  My new companion's name is Sister Barton.  She is from Colorado just outside of Denver and has a sister that is older and a younger brother.  Funny story about her is that when she was filling out her papers, the only person she told was her dad.  By the time she got her call, she flew home from BYU-Idaho to open it, and her mom was at first angry with her, not knowing why she was home.  When she opened her call, though, her mom was super excited for her.  I couldn't imagine filling out all my papers on my own. 

In this ward that I am in now, people actually feed us pretty much every day too! It is soooo nice! Also, something that this zone is doing is only getting referrals from members and doing A LOT of convert retention and reactivation.  Also, there is a girl who is 9 here that has been going to church with her step-dad (her mom is less active) that can potentially get baptized, so I am excited for that! 

Also turns out that Sister Barton and I are over 16 different sisters..big change from just being over 8.  That has made us super busy, but that is also super fun.  I have already done 2 exchanges.  One with Sister Jensen (I lived with her my second transfer) and 1 with Sister Williams. This is her third transfer, but she is awesome! 

One day, we showed up at our meal appointment, and a family in a ward invited their friend over! I don't know how interested he is right now, but it is awesome that a lot of them are trying to do missionary work!  

I have been reading a lot from Preach my Gospel and also the Power of Everyday missionaries about the power of missionary work and what it can do for us.  It brings so much joy and happiness when we truly forget about ourselves and help someone else out either with a small act of service, a smile, a hug, or sharing a scripture.  I invite you all to do something along that nature to someone this week. 

Something fun that Sister Barton and I did this week was we got practice singing in the choir because a member of the seventy is coming in a couple weeks for stake conference.  The songs are super hard, but hopefully I will be able to be a better singer because of it.

Love you all! Thanks for your emails and thanks for reading mine!

Sister Findlay

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