Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Crazy Week

It seems like everything this week lasted like a month because it was crazy busy! Some of the things we did was we went on three exchanges, had a meeting with President Torres, all the district leaders, zone leaders, and the two STLTs (they are over all the sister training leaders).  President talked a lot about how we need to sustain him as our mission president and do what he says because everything works under the keys he has. At church we saw success because 2 investigators came to church and 15 less actives! Also, I got to see Sister Stanfill and Sister Eggett there!! That was fun. 

First I am going to talk about the pictures because I don't even know where to start, but the girl with red hair is Sister Hill and this is her second transfer on the mission. She is awesome.  We had such a fun time biking in the rain, and she didn't get impatient with me not knowing the area that well. 


The girl with dark, curly hair is Sister Wood.  She and I were instant friends.  She usually works in the office, but she was excited to go out to work with me earlier than she is used too. 


Also, that picture of a house and the two jeeps is the car I get to drive and the house I live in! Yep, they really spoil us here.


Also, we got to do face masks last night.
So great! I love the sisters I live with. 

The last one is of huge cactus that we found in someone's front yard!

One picture that I don't have is of Sister Wagstaff.  I got to go to La Joya, her area, and work. It is only 3 miles away from Mexico and I didn't speak very much English at all when I was there.  Their phone sometimes doesn't let them call people because it thinks they are in Mexico making international calls.

Oh! This week, I met one of the less actives and he and his daughter surf! I don't know what waves they can surf on here, but I felt like I was in San Diego talking to them.  It was awesome :)

This week, my testimony of teaching to needs has really grown.  No matter what lesson or scripture we share, it will apply to something that someone is going through.  I love the mission!

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