Monday, August 8, 2016

Aug. 8th

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was awesome!! Guess how many people we found that were interested in hearing our message, AND a return appointment! It was 16 people found in six days because one of the days, we were in McAllen for a meeting. Also, we found a family for the other sisters to teach too.  God was really on our side this week.  We will see, though, if those people are there for our return appt.  

One of those people was named Crystal.  She is married, and has 3 little kids. She said she was studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses before, but told us that she really felt the Spirit when we said the closing prayer. She just opened up so much to us.  We weren't able to see Armando this week because they went to Mexico, but he should be getting baptized this Sunday! Woo hoo!  Also, on Tuesday morning, we got a call from a person in the young single adult branch and he gave us a referral for a lady that he gave the Book of Mormon too.  She is very devoted to her church, but she let us help her clean up some stuff in the kitchen, and she said we came at just the right time.  One of the people that we found also came to church! His name is Gary Dixon, and he is a Jamaican, Rastafarian.  So cool!!  He said in the past, he hasn't liked going to church because everyone judges him for his dreadlocks, but I think he felt pretty welcomed into the ward here.  Also, a miracle happened and Jaydlyn (a recent convert's granddaughter and her Dad) came to church! Before, the Dad wouldn't ever let Jaydlyn come at all, but after Sister Stanfill, Jaydlyn, Jodi (the recent convert), and I fasted about a month ago so he could come, we saw the result. Ahh!

As far as other happenings this week, we still haven't caught the creature that is in our apartment.  We think it is a rat, but the only person that has seen it is Sister Stanfill and the way she describes it makes it seem too big to be a rat, but it keeps eating up the door leading into the pantry, and as a result, we have to put all of our food in the tiny fridge that we have.  We have about 7 traps out, but it outsmarts them!  Maybe we will just have to get up in the middle of the night or let a stray cat into our apartment or something.  I'm sick of it.  Who cares about cockroaches anymore?

Another thing is, our air conditioning has not been working for a couple days now and I wake up dripping sweat to sweat some more on our run lol.  Only in Texas.  At least it makes me really appreciate the air conditioning in other places like the library we are at right now :)

Also, this week, Sister Stanfill took me out to get pizza with her this week. It was a break well-needed after biking for miles.

Also, I got to see Sister Eggett again at our meeting in McAllen.  The meeting was awesome because we got to see how humble our mission president is.  He basically told us that he lacks some faith too, and that is why we didn't reach our goal.

The picture of me and the Acai bowl was of one of our favorite members, Sister Spencer.  She made my dream come true of eating an Acai bowl too because I have really been craving those lately.

Con amor,

Sister Findlay

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