Monday, August 15, 2016

Birthday Week

Hello Family and Friends, 

I don't have a whole lot of time, but at least I have a lot of pictures to send this week.  The one that is weird lighting is one of this really cute Tongan member. 

She and her husband actually took us out to eat the night before my birthday, and of course I got curry.  Gotta love it.  The other lady is Sister Garza.  Her husband is the one that actually introduced us to Armando (the one that is getting baptized on Sunday).

Also, my sweaty back picture is what happens ALL the time here in Texas.  At least I had a backpack to cover it up lol.  

Anyway, my birthday was so great! On the 11th, we actually had interviews with President, so that was super lucky because if that didn't happen, I wouldn't have gotten my birthday package.  Everyone kept telling me that I had sooo many packages because there were different shipments.  Anyway, I was thrilled to see Trader Joe's again...seems like forever since I have seen that.  

Anyway, on my birthday, the sisters that we live with (Sister Peyro and Sister Espitia) and my companion all tried to wake my up with "Happy Birthday." Too bad I was already awake though.

Then, we did a little surf session on the floor of the apartment. Then, we ate cake for breakfast haha.  Then, the whole district went out to lunch together, and my District Leader got me so many fruits and vegetables from Walmart and even bought a cake and put lettuce on top haha.  Then, later during the day, Sister Stanfill and I went to Denny's for my free grand slam. Such a good day! I even got a call from Sister Torres too! (The mission president's wife)

Anyway, something cool I learned in my interview from my President was that a good missionary is worthy, willing, and diligent.  He is so in tune with the Spirit.  He always knows exactly what you need to hear.

Love you,
Sister Findlay

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