Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It was fun while it lasted

Dear Friends and Family,

So, I have news for you...I am leaving Sinton again...We got the transfer call last night, but we only know where people are going. I am going to be so sad to leave my pretty much sister/ best friend here, and I'm sad to leave this ward.  The members are so great!! Some Texas vocabulary since I have been here is I am fixing to be 40 (like about), Mama (pronounced like Maaamawww) and y'all.  The people in this area are mostly Texan, and they actually know that Sister Stanfill and I are from California with our "California" accents.

Unfortunately, Armando didn't get baptized yesterday as a result of his uncle's doubt that he doesn't know everything, but hopefully he will soon! At least his whole familiy was able to come to church on Sunday!

On a side note, this week, I ate Menudo...grossest soup ever filled with cow intestines and pig feet.  I don't think I did a very good job convincing the member that I liked it, but at least he won't make it again lol.  The meat is so chewy and the broth tastes like dirty dish water.

Oh, exciting news! It has been raining so much here, and I think the summer is about to end, but we will see in the new area I am going to.  Sinton is the coolest place in the mision.  so grateful I was here in the summer!

As for the pictures, one is when we cleaned out the fridge so I sat in it lol. 
Also, one is a guess of where everyone is going to go at transfers. 
One is of a really cute cafe that we ate at that made me a little homesick.  

A really cool thing I studied this week was the bible dictionary, it has a really cool definition of faith.  You should read it this week. It was part of my training in zone meeting :)

Love you,
Sister Findlay

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