Monday, February 29, 2016


To Friends and Family,

ALICIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Ahhh! It was such a cool experience. We came over this week one night, and we watched a video of what a baptism is like from the District DVDs and we asked her if she had any doubts or concerns, and she said no.  It's crazy how prepared she is.  I learned that is stressful to plan a baptism though. We eventually got a Priest to baptize her, but then we discovered that  the assistants filled the font with cold water! It was great that she still had a good attitude and was able to be happy after. She even brought her kids to the baptism too! I am unsure of their interest level, but we set up a lesson with them this week. So we'll see. Also, Sister Villatoro made her a card, and we bought her favorite candy bars as her present.  I love how detail-oriented Sister Villatoro is to think of stuff like that.  I made cupcakes as well for the baptism, but we ran out of frosting, so we just gave out a few. At least I tried haha.

Also, this week, we had exchanges, and I was out of my area for the first time on the mission! Crazy, right?? That is also where the picture of the dog with the glasses is from.

Last P-day we, as an apartment, went to the mall with one of the members in the ward. She is so sweet. At the mall, we all got face masks from Sephora. So fun!! I love living with the other sisters in the apartment. Their names are Sister Villalobos and Sister Jensen.  We all have so much fun together, and we love scaring each other. One night, Sister Villatoro and I played a prank on them and put our bags inside and hid outside. Then we started shooting nerf darts at them, and they got pretty scared haha.

Oh, one crazy thing this week was that Sister  Villatoro and I had planned a bike day, then we discovered that my tire was flat, so we ended up walking 7 miles!! It was tiring, and it made me really appreciate my bike and car.

One talk that I read this week during personal study is a talk called Beware of Pride. I think it is by Ezra Taft Benson. It was so good, and it just talks about how every challenging thing were  going through can be from pride. I challenge you all to read it this week.

Love You,
Sister Findlay

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