Monday, February 8, 2016

"Missionary work is the best. No other thing in my life has brought me this much joy."

I have an amazing story to tell all of you about!! So this week, one of the people we taught is named Alicia.  She first attended church in the English ward two weeks ago, but her fiance is more comfortable in the Spanish ward, so they came to our ward, and the Bishop introduced her to us.  We set up an appointment to teach her this last week, and we found out her fiance is less active, but he wants to come to church.  Alicia has been exploring different churches, and she said about four months ago, she prayed to know which church would be for her, and that same week, she went on a date with Jorge (the less active) and he explained that he wanted to come back to church in hopes that she would too.  Anyway, she is pretty much a golden investigator, and she is really interested in the restoration of the church and the Book of Mormon.  In our second lesson this week, Sis. Villatoro looked at me to extend that baptismal invitation, and she accepted to be baptized on Feb. 28.  She is so prepared, and after our lesson I screamed out of excitement for a good five minutes.  I could not contain my energy so Sis. Villatoro and I had a dance party in the car.  She has already been to church 3 times, and she is my first investigator that actually has been keeping our commitments.  Oh man, missionary work is the best. No other thing in my life has brought me this much joy. 

Another thing this week that happened was we had exchanges! We contacted a referral, and after explaining our purpose, he was like, "Yeah, I want to be baptized!"  Miracles happen so much!  It goes along with the chapter I read this week in the Book of Mormon in 4 Nephi 1.  I challenge all of you to read it because I have definitely seen the power of God in my life if I am doing all I can so that he actually can bless me with a miracle.  Sister Villatoro is awesome, and I love how much I can enjoy the mission with her.  I don't think I have understood the mission until this transfer, and it makes the work progress that much more.

A funny thing that happened this week was that we saw a grapefruit tree one day when we were contacting, and we knocked on that door and asked if we could have one.  He was not interested in hearing about the church, but he gave us grapefruits! It was so good!!!! Best grapefruit I have ever had.

Love You,
Sister Findlay

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