Monday, February 22, 2016

Spiritually Filled Week

Sorry I don't have a lot of time to write this week, but it has been a spiritually filled week.  I saw two members of the seventy and shook their hands two days in a row.  Their names are Elder Corbridge and Elder Greer. 

Elder Corbridge talked in a Texas McAllen Mission training, and he talked about how we need to baptize converts and how if people understand the why, then they will accept baptism and all the other things we commit them to do.  Yesterday, we heard Elder Greer in Stake Conference talk about true conversion with Sabbath-day observance and how we need to never give up on family members by keeping and praying for them.  Also, President Maluenda bore his testimony in Stake Conference, and he told all of the missionaries there to stand up.  My companion and I were the one sisters that were there because we are the only sister missionaries serving in a Spanish Ward in the stake. He talked about the importance of missionaries and how they are so willing to give up their time for the Lord. 

In stake conference, I was really worried because I didn't see Alicia there, but it turns out she went in through the back, and she is so prepared for her baptism on Sunday!!  So excited for her.

Also, we had another zone exchange this week.  I stayed in my area yet again.  I have never been in another area even through 5 exchanges.  I don't know why, but it is pretty funny.

Also, the picture of the bananas was the apt. joke this week.  We ate 6 bunchesin 6 days! I think today we are going to buy even more!

Also, I got a haircut this week, and I love the length of my hair now because you can see my name tag all the time!

Love you all,
Sister Findlay

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