Monday, February 15, 2016

I have definitely seen miracles when I have unshakable faith in the Lord

Group email:

This week we taught the following in one lesson with Alicia:  The gospel of Jesus Christ, the law of chastity, and the word of wisdom.  When we were explaining the law of chastity, she told us that she got married to her fiance on Monday!! That was without us even telling her.  Crazy right?  Then, she readily accepted the word of wisdom even though she was used to drinking alcohol and coffee, but she wants to get baptized really bad.  Now we want her to have some friends in the ward so hopefully that will go well tonight.

 This week we had a funny experience.  We were biking to the church to pick up the bikes, and there was a congress man in the parking lot because they were getting ready to campaign for him for the election happening today.  Anyway, we ended up talking to him and he asked us what church this was, and he shared how grateful he was for the Mormons because they helped him out during the Mormon Helping Hands project. We later invited him to church and he said he would try it out!  It was cool that I could be a missionary to even a congressman! 

Also, there was a stake Valentine's party on Saturday night, so we went for a little bit to see if there were any non-members there.  There was a bunch of people there dancing to the Latin music.  I enjoyed seeing them dance, and there were some really good chocolate strawberries there too!

Also, one of the Elders in my district had his birthday on Friday, so we made him a cake and I had the privilege of smashing it in his face haha.  It's a tradition here in the mission.  Also, we got him a little stuffed animal giraffe, chocolates, and I made him a green smoothie because he keeps asking me how to eat healthier.  It was pretty funny because we made it a surprise party by turning off the lights in the gym in the church and then had lunch together. He ended up leaving the frosting on his face until he finished his lunch haha.

The other picture is of me on the tightrope is at a sister's meeting that we had.  It was with all the sisters in the zone with the APs and the zone leaders, and they taught us how to change the tire of a car and how to assemble a bike (putting on the tire and such).  I am learning so many valuable things on my mission.  Now, I will be prepared if we get a flat tire.  Also, we got to try walking across that slack line.  So cool! I wasn't that good at it, but the zone leader related that to our faith.  That it should not be shaky.  We should have the faith that we will find prepared people each day.  I have definitely seen miracles when I have unshakable faith in the Lord.

Well have a good week everyone!

Love you all,
Sister Findlay

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