Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Missing My Sister's Wedding

Well, I just found out today that my sister, Paige is now married!!! Yay! 😊 
 It's crazy how distant you become as a missionary with everything at home.  I find myself sometimes forgetting the names of people I knew at home.  However, it's awesome meeting new people everyday.  I love the people here in Texas.  

We even got to go to two member's homes to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them.  At least they were spread apart! It felt just like being home because everyone gathered around the table and there was an interesting topic of conversation that we felt awkward to be a part of.  It's just like being at the adult table when you all know how much fun it is to be at the kid table haha.

Anyway, a funny thing happened on Thanksgiving--we knocked on this door and when they answered I said, "Happy Easter" with so much confidence, and the guy just started back and was probably thinking, who are these two nicely dressed teenagers and why are they at my door? However, he actually said we could come back and we said a prayer with him.

So miracle time! Ok. This is super cool.  Pay attention.  So, I got to go on exchanges with Sister Martin this week (we actually grew up in the same stake (Ashlyn Martin)).  There's more too it, though. So at our last appointment of the night before coming home, this guy answered the door, and I knew him from somewhere.  After a couple minutes, I realized that he was a less active member of the very first ward I was at here in Texas.  He had moved over to this ward.  But, not only that he is now married to the same girlfriend he had a year ago--the same one that I taught a year ago!! She is now preparing to get baptized.  Talk about the fruit of your labors!! SO COOL!!!

Also, another awesome miracle is that this family randomly decided to come back to church.  After sacrament on Sunday a member of the Bishopric went up to us and told us that there was someone that wants to get baptized for us to meet.It turned out to be the 9 year-old son. We are going by tomorrow--I'll keep you posted!

Something cool that I learned this week was that "perfect love casteth out fear" 1 John 4:18.  That is soo true on the mission.  We literally do something that scares us everyday, but it is only because of the love we have for the people that we can do it! 

Love you all!
Sister Findlay

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  1. Emma, I love reading your blog and learning from your experiences. You have a light about you that shines more than ever before. I love you and I'm so proud of you and the work you are doing. Hugs from Bountiful and your favorite aunt!! (sh)