Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Friends and Family, 

Sooo, BEST THING EVER HAPPENED!!!!! I stayed with Sister Castro in Edinburg, but new news is that Sister Schaffner is in the trio with us now! I trained her, and she was balling when I left.  I am sooo glad we all get to be together.  We have the best of times together.  It's a little weird though because Sister Schaffner is not an STL (sister training leader), but Sister Castro and I are.  Along with that, now we only have to cover 3 other companionships.  That takes a big weight off my shoulders.

Well, the rest of the email, I am just going to explain the pictures.  So this last Friday, we got to help two of the sisters move out of our house into a really nice apartment.  Also, there was a random wall post, so of course, all the sisters said to me, "You won't!" And I had to take the challenge.  The others tried to join me, but they got a little scared.

The other one of Sister Castro, Sister Schaffner, and I was a selfie in front of a very nicely decorated house full of Christmas lights. We love looking at the lights! It's funny here because after Halloween, people just forgot about Thanksgiving and started decorating for Christmas.

I am soooo excited for this week! We have two meal appointments set up just for Thanksgiving day.  Good thing we are riding bikes that day! :)

A really awesome object lesson that we have been sharing with people is one with three cups and 3 knives and we basically make it so it is a sure foundation.  The 3 pillars of the restored gospel are prophets and apostles, revelation, and Priesthood.  I really do know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the essential pillars we all need.

Love Sister Findlay

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