Monday, November 14, 2016


Dear friends and family,

Well, I guess I will start off with the best news ever!!! Guys! ELEVEN investigators came to church on Sunday!!!  And that's of what I could count!  The most I have ever had on one Sunday on my mission was two.  It was sooo cool!! Sister Castro and I were just jumping up and down for excitement!  A family that we found of 4 came and then Victoria (the girl that I have been talking about) and a member's sister came that we had a lesson with this week and Sister Cantu (one of our favorite members who just recently re-activated) brought pretty much her whole family who aren't members.  Also, I got to be in the Primary Program yet again to help the kids sing louder.  Victoria even got to be in it too!! The ward is just great at fellow-shipping her in!  Last week, we even had her come over to a member's home for dinner and a lesson after.  She even said, "Of course, I love Victoria!" The goal is for her to get baptized this Sunday, but here, the Bishop doesn't have too much trust in us, but we will work on that!

Also, that family of 4 that came has a single mom named Mary and she has a son that is 14 and daughter that is 11 and a really cute daughter named Bella who is 5.  They also know one of the members already because she was the 11-year-old's school teacher.  

Also, double exciting news is that I get to stay here with Sister Castro, and we will be together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  That means that I will stay here in Edinburg for three tansfers (meaning 6 weeks).  I have never stayed that long in an area.  This means I can see our investigators actually get baptized! Also, I feel like I am just getting the hang of this area. Yay!! Also, I get to still live with Sister Williams!! She is the best! We always laugh at each other.  It's pretty fun. 

Let's see...what else? Well, I got to go on an exchange with Sister Horgesheimer!! She is soo cute! She has about 3 months on the mission.  I felt bad for her, though, because people kept telling her that they felt that she was really stern, but I was really nice.  She really is a nice person though! 

Another exciting thing that happened was that I had an elote for the first time!! It's basically corn with mayo and chile.  I have been hearing the elote trucks go around my whole mission, but decided to finally get one and pay for Sister Castro too.  It was  a great night!  That was after 2 meal appointments too.  Haha...whoops ;)

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures this week...I thought I lost my camera cord, but to my great surprise, I found it here in the lost and found in the library. Thank goodness!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Findlay

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