Monday, December 5, 2016

Post from Edinburg

First of all, I want to apologize for not sending any pictures last week. When the time runs out at the library, there is no logging back on.  Today, I will post pictures from the last two weeks.

So the first picture is from a sleepover that we all had and we brought in all the beds into the room.  It was so fun.  Also, those Izzes were for our Thanksgiving celebration. 

The next couple are from an exchange with Sister Martin.  I told you a little about her last week, but we grew up in the same stake, and we both LOVE soccer!


The next picture is a house we saw driving by that was really cool so I made her pull over and take a picture haha.

The next one is of Sister Luque.  She is pretty new on the mission here, but she was in Mexico on her mission about two years ago. 


The next one is of everyone from my house at Texas Roadhouse.  I took my companion out on a little 'date' for P-day since I still had a lot of money left over on my card.

The next one is of Sister Williams and I. We got to do an exchange and that was the beautiful sunset in the back.  I love Texas sunsets. Sister Williams has become a really good friend.  We have now lived together for the past three transfers.

This week has just been sooo great.  Jordan came to church again and also this family of 3 just decided to show up to church today.  Turns out they live in our area.  They are in walking distance too! We had an awesome lesson with them Sunday night, which is why we couldn't see the Christmas devotional. Hopefully we will be able to this week though!

Ok, so this week, super cool miracle happened when I was with Sister Williams.  We got a call right when we were about to go to work at 10 AM from one of my favorite members, Sister Cantu. She asked us if we could help her with her visiting teaching.  Of course, we said yes.  Unfortunately, nobody was home, but Sister Cantu saw one of her friends as she drove by.  We then got to talk to her friend with Sister Cantu and share a lesson.  Now, just so you know, Sister Cantu recently became active in the ward again, but she went in there and testified like crazy and invited her friend to church.  It was awesome.  Her friend, Natalie, told us at our next appointment, though, that she had talked to her pastor and she doesn't want to learn more.  Oh well, it was a really cool chance to plant a seed.

Okay, super funny thing happened with Sister Williams this week too because we were knocking at an appointment that we had with an Atheist guy who said we could come back.  As we were knocking, he walked up to us and looked surprised and told us he forgot to pick up his wife, and you could so tell he was lying.  That's what people here in Texas are like. They are almost too polite.  For example, there have been countless times that people say, sorry, as they shut the door on us. Hahaha. Now I just laugh.

This week, I loved a verse in 1 Nephi 2:16.  It was really cool that Nephi realized he had to pray to have a softened heart.  I didn't realize that before. 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Findlay

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