Monday, April 4, 2016

"Love the Work, and Love the Gospel"

Dear friends,

I feel like I always say this, but this has been a great week.  Conference is like a holiday out here on the mission.  It was kind of crazy getting to conference on Saturday morning though.  We were going to go to stay at Sister Tavarez's house and watch it there, but it turns out one of our investigators thought that he was supposed to meet at a recent convert's house for the morning one instead of afternoon, so he called us right as Elder Eyring got up to the pulpit, and as a result, we missed his talk and the next lady.  I was pretty upset, but the good thing is that we can watch it when we go to the library for an hour this week on (mission rule).  Anyway, my favorite talk was Elder Bednar's about blessing AND sanctifying the sacrament.  Also, this morning, during my personal study, I wrote out all the ways that I can apply their talks to me (kind of like commitments) I was amazed at how many I could find.  Probably something like 20.  Who knew how many things we could do to better our lives.  

One day this week we had a pretty awesome miracle happen.  We found 6 new investigators in one day! In my last area I would usually get about 3 in one week! God has blessed us tremendously.  Out of those 6 people, 3 were in one family and we get to teach them in Spanish! Such a blessing :)

We had a lot of fun/funny things happen  as well this week. 

Last P-day, we got to fly kites and play tennis and volleyball with the zone.  It turns out that I really miss playing tennis, and it was great to play even just for a little bit.  Before we were about to leave from the P-day activity, we saw that the kite string was stuck to the fence of the tennis court, so I went and climbed the fence and unhooked it.  It was pretty fun but also scary.  I think everyone in the zone knows how strong I am now though haha.  Every morning, I consistently do 25 pushups and 1 min plank and lots of other things, but I don't think I have lost very much muscle.

Also, on P-day, we found out we had lots of extra money at the end of the month when the other missionaries are running out because of lack of planning or something, but we got to buy all of our favorite foods.  With it, I got my favorite pineapple Chobani yogurt, chocolate almond milk, and coconut water and several other things.  Also, we got to go out to eat this week to a Mexican restaurant.  I don't know why so many missionaries run out of money. 

Also, this week, as you'll see in some pictures that we found a huge cockroach, so next thing you know, Sister Eggett grabs a cup and says that we'll give it to the district leader.  I had to agree because I love adventures.  You should've seen their faces when they opened up their present haha.  

Also, we had a pretty fun April Fool's day this week.  While the sisters were out running, we put a fake spider (I found it in the street) on the toilet seat, we put saran wrap across the hallway, and we teepeed their room.

Hope you have a great week! Love you, love the work, and love the Gospel.

Con Amor,
Hermana Findlay

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