Monday, April 11, 2016

Mini Missionary

Hey y'all!

How's it going?  This week Sister Eggett and I have had a mini missionary with us.  She is really cute, and I think she will serve a mission now.  She is actually 26, but she is so little that she looks really young.  

On Tuesday, we had a pretty great zone meeting.  Then, after, we had zone exchanges.  I have had them ever transfer so far, but people say they are pretty rare...I got to go with my sister training leader and her sister training leader.  We were still able to have lots of fun, hence the Kickapoo St. picture.  Also, that night, we went to the Bower's for dinner.  We go every Tuesday night.  It was really funny though because I texted them about celebrating for Sister Eggett's year mark, but they thought it was her birthday, so they got her a cake and birthday candles and everything haha pretty funny.

On Wednesday, we had the privilege of having interviews with president.  We had to wake up at 4:30 AM, but it's okay because we get to sit and talk with President!  He talked a lot about how it is a choice to be happy. I think I am generally pretty happy on the mission. 

On Thursday, Sister Eggett and I got to share a musical number in District Meeting, so we had fun and whistled to the tune of Popcorn Popping.  I don't know if it was as reverent as it should've been but we had fun!

On Friday, it was Sister Eggett's year mark, so we had a pretty good lunch with her favorite food, crepes.

On Saturday, we got to help the Forest family pick their weeds.  We were there for about a good 2 and a half hours.  I was pretty sore the next day, but it was fun! We even got to wear jeans!

This whole week we have been trying super hard to get people to come to church, but then Sunday rolled around and nobody came. It was so upsetting!!! I bet this week will be really great though if we just keep hoping for that miracle.

Have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Findlay  

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