Monday, January 25, 2016

Jesus Christ first served, then taught

Dear all,

It's a super exciting time right now because we have transfers tomorrow!! Ahh! I think I am going to stay in my area, and that my trainer is going to leave because she has been here for 10 months! However, nobody really knows. Apparently, my zone leader likes to wait to tell people if they will move areas or stay, but we shall see.

This week, we had the opportunity to go to a member's house and do a service project.  They have next to nothing, and one of their sources of income is to burn trash and sell metal.  It's crazy how many people here have nothing, and the reason why they move from Mexico to here is to be safe.  They tell me what happens in Mexico, and I am so glad I am not there.  I love it here in South Texas, and the members are so nice!!  We ate at a member's house last night that has a super small house and they made us carne asada.  So good! I think it's my favorite dinner.  Afterwards they gave us a huge bag of oranges and some off their tree too!  At church, we got a bag of tangerines, and at a less active's house we got 4 of the biggest grapefruit I have ever seen.  I love the citrus here!!

This week, in our zone meeting, we had one of the members of the stake presidency talk to us, and he told us a story of how when he was new he had this trainer that had a method of looking at a map and praying and asking where to go.  He then said one day it was his turn, and he saw a row of three houses off a freeway, and was prompted to knock on the middle one.  At first, the lady slammed the door in their face because she was going through a hard time, but then she changed her mind.  Now, her son is a returned missionary. I love these stories, and I know that one day, I will find someone to enter the waters of baptism to have the fullness of joy in their lives, and know that God has a plan for them. 

Also, in our zone meeting, it was really funny because we got to have a "funeral" for all the dead people (people that are going home) and we all wore black.  Nobody told the people that are going home though, so they felt out of place. So funny!  Also, we got to celebrate a birthday in our zone, so some sisters made a cake, and then smashed his face in it.  Apparently it's a tradition.  The mission can be so fun if you keep a good attitude :)

Also, we had a missionary meeting by the quorum of the seventy, and Chris Waddell spoke! Isn't he in the Del Mar stake or something, Dad?  It was super good, and I learned a lot of good things about how to use less actives to find people.

Also, in my study this morning, I was reading about how to find people, and there was a part about service.  I learned that Jesus Christ, during his ministry first served all, then taught.  I realized that I have been focusing too much on the key indicators thinking that I don't have time, but it's more important to fulfill my calling as a representative of Jesus Christ. 

Love You All,
Sister Findlay

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