Monday, January 11, 2016

El Dia De Reyes

Group Email:

I think I am finally adjusted to missionary life, although I still have those hard days, I am able to be myself more. Almost every time we go to a member's house, I am able to laugh and have a good time with them.  The members here are so great and are always willing to come to lessons with us or feed us or whatever else it may be.  There are only a few with specialized jobs, but it's crazy how many are working tons of hours, and just barely getting by on a close to minimum wage job.  The weather this week has been pretty perfect, so that's good :) My favorite days are when we get to bike. (We have to bike 2 days during the week) I enjoy them so much because, there are so many more people to talk to when you are on the bike. 

Yesterday, we went to this house, and a couple answered the door and they were so funny!! Every time he said something funny he would offer his hand to high five. 

Also, this week, there was a holiday called el dia de reyes (celebration of the three kings) but anyway, they stick fake little toys in a fruity bread called rosca, and if you get one of them you have to make tamales on Feb. 2nd. They had it when I helped out in English class.  Luckily I didn't get it.  It is a pretty funny story of how I found out about it actually.  We were eating at the Bishop's house and I was telling them how much I like Mexican food, and then they asked if I have ever had rosca, and then they were like if you get one of the boys, you have to make the tamales.  I thought it was a real kid, and I had a scared look, and then the bishop's wife had a pretty good laugh.

On a side note, almost nobody keeps appointments or commitments down here, but I know that if they do those things, they will receive more blessings.  This week my goal is to be exactly obedient (set by the district leaders), and I know that my mission life will be blessed, and also I will be able to find more of those people that are prepared to come unto Christ.  The mission is great.  I really can feel God's power here through being his servant. 

Love you all,
Sister Findlay

P.S. Don't be scared to write me.  I would love to hear from you!

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