Monday, January 23, 2017

Enjoying missionary work

Dear Friends and Family,

This week, we had two investigators at church! One is a guy that keeps coming but doesn't want to get baptized, but I still translate for him.  The other is Bridgette.  We have been working with her for a couple weeks, but this week, a member came with us to the lesson, and it was great because Bridgette was like who is going to give me a ride? Then, the member was like, "I will!" Bridgette is awesome! Hopefully she will get baptized.  

Also, speaking of baptism, a 16 year old got baptized in the ward.  He is the elder's investigator.  It was so cool though because most of the young men were there and they gave the talks.  The parents also showed some more interest as they felt the spirit at the baptism.

As far as my companionship goes. we are honestly great friends.  Sometimes we annoy each other like sisters now that we have been together so long. Her favorite thing to do is a John Scena or something where she throws me on the bed hahahha.

Also, we got to celebrate Sister Adam's birthday on Saturday at Chili's...I asked the server for some free chips and salsa as a result. At first, she didn't like the idea, but then changed her mind. 

On Saturday, it worked out perfectly that we had to take our car in to Firestone at our 11 o'clock appointment because we were able to get out of role plays where we practice teaching...Sometimes I'm not a big fan haha.

Also, a miracle happened right before coming to the library where this Spanish speaking lady asked us for a Book of Mormon and said her nephew served a mission.  Hopefully the elders can have success.

Love you!

favorite part of pday is to have the house spotless

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