Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Happy Holidays

This week was soooo great!! First off, I just want to tell you how awesome it was to see and talk to my whole family on Christmas day. That was such a blessing! Especially because the only way to communicate is through email.

Another cool thing that happened was that we had a big Christmas conference with everybody on the mission.  That picture of me in the red dress is of a three generation picture.

On the mission, the missionary you trained is your daughter, and now I have a granddaughter hahaha.

So good news!! We have transfers this week, and I am staying for another transfer with Sister Castro!! The zone leaders played a prank on a couple of us from the zone though, and said that I was leaving, but then I showed up at the P-day activity, and they announced that it was a lie!! I even started packing and texted almost all the members in my ward.  Oh well! It will be fun surprising them.

Also, at the P-day activity, we got to see Star Wars!


We get to see a movie every year.  It was just weird to watch a movie with the whole zone...on the mission. It was fun though! We got to get rid of all the junk we have in the house too.  We took almost all the cookies, candy, and popcorn we have to the activity.  I think the elders enjoyed it :P

That other picture of the couple is Dania (the one getting baptized) and her husband, Christian.

That was the miracle story that I was talking about before.  I started teaching Dania, but then lost contact.  Super cool because this past week, Dania had a dream that she got baptized and felt really good after.  The next day (Friday) she got baptized.  

Love Sister Findlay

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