Monday, May 16, 2016

Another good week.

Well today is yet again another p-day. Good thing I wrote everything that happened in my jourAnothnal this week and took lots of pictures because without that, I wouldn't know what to write! 

This week on Tuesday, we found another tarantula yet again. I think that is 3 times now.  This time, however, we caught it and put it in a container.  That night, we put the tarantula on Sister Holloway's (one of the girls that lives with us) bed.  You have to understand though, she is deathly afraid of spiders, so when she saw it on her bed, she screamed, ran away, and started to cry.  We had some help of our friends in the YSA to catch it, and it was the talk of the branch this week haha.

On Wednesday, we got to go to lunch with Victor (a member in the branch) he actually cooked pretty well! He made rice and a meat stir-fry thing.  A lot of the members actually feed us, but we still go out with them too.  It's pretty cool that they are always willing to feed us and come to lessons with us.

On Friday, we went to a recent converts house named Ana for lunch.  Hopefully she will want to go to YSA (young single adult) soon! There aren't very many girls at all in the branch.

On Saturday, our zone service project was to clean missionary apartments.  However, since there is only one sister apartment, we basically just cleaned our own.  It was so great doing a very good deep cleaning since we usually don't have a lot of time. 

 I was freaking out because we knocked on a referral that we had and the first thing they said was there is a tornado warning, so we need to go inside!! I was freaking out, but then The two members that were with us calmed us down and said they rarely happen and it wasn't even windy, but it still was some crazy weather--there was a lightning and thunder storm.  We decided that we better not bike like what we were planning to do haha.  

Oh my goodness, then, Sunday came, and someone came to church!!!! Her name is Nadene!!! She is awesome and accepted to try out our church without even knowing who the member was that was picking her up and not knowing who would take her back either.  You could tell she was a little uncomfortable in church, but everyone was just so friendly and came up to her and introduced themselves.  That's why the YSA branch is so cool.  I feel like I just hang out with my friends when they come out with us. 

I hope you all have a great week!
Helped with the set up of "Mormon Prom"

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