Tuesday, December 8, 2015

 Trip to the Mexico City Temple

This week I had the opportunity to teach my district some Spanish.  My teacher was busy, so she asked me to teach a little part of the lesson.  It was pretty funny. 

This weekend, it was pretty cold for Mexico City, but there was a Utah girl that let me borrow her jacket.  It was so sweet!!  Also, on the way home at night, Hermana Rivera took off her jacket to shield us both from the rain.  It was so nice of her! 

This week to start off my fast, I had a whole bunch to eat for lunch.  I had tilapia flavored with cheese and tomatoes, 4 corn tortillas, lettuce with salsa, pineapple, half a chicken scone thing, a little bit of rice, 3 oranges (so good!), and 2 ice cream bars.  Who knew that I am still losing a little weight here at the CCM.  It is probably because my workouts are so cardio intense.  

Then, at dinner, we didn´t have anything scheduled, so we got to play games with the district.  That was a lot of fun.  We played a game called psychiatrist.  

On Sunday, we got to watch the Christmas devo!! So good!! I loved Elder Bednar´s talk, and all that music.  I don´t think I have ever appreciated mo tab that much in my life.  It´s crazy how my desires to be better change.  Here, I am developing such good habits too.  I even make my bed every day now!!  

Also, on Sunday, I started reading My Search for Happiness, and it said something about how when our desires to become like Christ change, we will be exalted.  I feel that so much on the mission!

Today, there were 57 of us who got to go the the Mexico City temple.  So pretty!!! I loved being there with so many missionaries.  Also, it was only my second time seeing Mexico City, so that was cool.  I could not stop staring out the windows.

Love Hermana Findlay

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