Monday, December 21, 2015

First Week in Texas

To family and friends,

My last week at the CCM was so special.  We had so many testimony meetings and so many great firesides!! One fireside that I really remember was by an area seventy named elder Salinas and he talked about how we all as missionaries need to have an experience through the atonement.  It was such a good talk!!

Also, before we left all the Hermana's in my district got priesthood blessings from the elders. I was so happy that we did that!!! In mine, it basically said that I have a gift of love so much so that I will be given the hard companions that others have a hard time to love, and that I am a strong young woman along with other things.  It was so powerful and I knew that it was God's words, not Elder Connell's.  It was so hard to say bye to the elders!! Luckily, I did not have to say bye to the sisters because we are all here in McAllen, Texas.  Also, we are going to see each other tomorrow at this big Christmas party.

My flight from Mexico City here was crazy!!! Hahaha we left the MTC at 8 in the morning and didn't get here until 9 at night.  Long story short we missed our plane from Houston to McAllen.  I met my trainer the next day and everyone here is surprised at my Spanish!!  I get to serve in a Spanish-speaking ward!!!  It's great!!

So my trainer is Sister Messer and at transfers we hugged and she literally picked me up. hahaha!  It was pretty funny.  I am learning to love her. 

One of our investigators is Diana and she is pretty much a golden investigator!! It is so fun to teach her!!

Love Hermana Findlay

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