Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Sister Taquitos"

To family and friends,

For a service project this week, we were supposed to help out the newbies that were arriving to the CCM but turns out that there aren´t any newbies that day.  I don't know if we´re going to have more this week or not just because it is the holiday season.  

I feel like we´re in a big bubble here in the CCM.  I just heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris and the church´s new policy about gay parents.  It´s weird.  Sometimes I hear Spanish music and I say "Oh, I know that song!" Ha ha its funny that it´s the same music that I listened to just yesterday it feels like.  The first week didn't go very fast, but now I know that we have a little break on both Pdays and Sundays.  Sundays we get to watch a movie!! It´s awesome :)  I had no idea how much I liked movies until I got here.  This week we watched How Rare a Possession.  It wasn't as good as last week´s movie (the testament) but it was good.  

I am surprised that I haven´t been bit by any mosquitos since I have been here.  I hear about some other people that are getting bit all the time.  Maybe it´s because I am trying to live the Mexican life as much as i can.  There is usually both a Mexican entree and an American entree and I always choose the Mexican one.  With tamales and all! I love it.  However, one day for dinner this week, the only option was hamburgers and french fries, and that´s just too American for me to eat.  I didn't have any of that entree, but instead, I made myself tacos with their bar full of beans, rice, salsa, and corn tortillas.  I love it.  

So I found out that Hermana Archuleta AKA David Archuleta´s sister is in the adjacent classroom!! I don´t think they look very similar, but I talked to her twice this week! She even gave me a compliment on my dress and we played basketball together too along with other Latinos.  Hermana Archuleta is so nice! Also, I loved how the Latinos all gave me a hug after I played basketball with them because they had to go.  The Latinos are all so nice :)

Also, I gave a talk this week in Sacrament meeting all in Spanish.  I didn't know that I was going to speak until right before the meeting started.  I got up there and my Spanish just flowed though.  My branch president said to use 5 min, but I gave an entire 10 minute talk (it was okay to go over).  I talked about the gift of the Holy Spirit and how important it is to have when we teach. God knows our investigators so much more than we do!  At the end of Sacrament meeting, my branch president told me that if he didn't look up at me, he would´ve thought that I was a Latina talking!! That was so good to hear :)

Me and my companion went on an adventure with a worker here at the ccm.  He´s our good friend and even calls us "Sisters Taquitos" in his really funny accent.  Anyway, we were planning for the next day, and Elder Lima comes into our classroom and says he has a little secret for us. Then we get in this golf cart and go for like a 2 minute ride across a little part of campus.  It was so funny because Hna Rivera and I had no idea where he was taking us.  We were glad that we just went for a ride and then went back to our classroom though. 

This week, I was reading in Ether 12, and I came across Ether 12:19 and I thought it was really cool that because the brother of Jared had so much faith, God wasn't able to hide his finger from him. Then later, it says that the veil was taken off of him or something.  After reading this, I thought about how I should be like that and have that much faith.  It sometimes is hard in lessons to know that the Holy Spirit will tell me everything I need to say, but I am getting better.  I just have to take one step at a time. 

Love You All,
Hermana Findlay

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