Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A mission is a marathon, not a race

Group email: 
This week went by super fast, even faster than last week.  I think it is because we have something to do every minute of the day.  At night, it is kind of hard to focus on studying though, and my district gets super chatty.

This week Hermana Rivera and I got called as sister training leaders!!! We basically make sure that all the Hermanas are doing okay.  We got called because the Hermanas that were sister training leaders left for Florida yesterday.  It was sad saying bye to that district, but it was also good because I am excited for them to go out to the field.  Also, every Sunday after the movie we have a slideshow that says what districts are leaving.  This week, 7 whole districts, or 64 missionaries, are going out to the field.  Just imagine how many are leaving from the Provo MTC.  It´s awesome.  

On Sunday, I had to play piano for all of the North American missionaries.  It was scary because I prepared to play I know that my redeemer lives, and then when I got there they asked me to play something I didnt know how to play because they didnt have the lyrics to project on the screen.  However, they were able to switch it back to I know that my redeemer lives, so I was happy about that :).  I made a few mistakes, but overall it was good.  

This week, we had something called TRC where we teach real people that talk super fast and dont know English, but they are members.  It was scary, and it made me realize that in the CCM I am overconfident about my abilities in Spanish speaking.  the first investigator we had was an older lady, and I had a really hard time understanding her, but it was better with the soon to be Elder that we taught.  He said a really fast prayer at the end, and I understood it!! It was probably because Hermana Rivera and I prayed before that one, so that it would go better.  

I guess there was a 5.5 earthquake that hit somewhere near us.  On Saturday, we had an earthquake drill, and then yesterday it was the real thing.  I didnt feel it at all though! I guess the CCM is lower than the rest of Mexico city, so maybe that´s why.  Did you know that the altitude is nine thousand something feet elevation here???  It is super hard for me to run, but I was able to go for a 20 minute run one day this week.  I usually run for 15 and then either play basketball, do yoga, jump rope, or play volleyball.  Also, there has been lots of smog, which isnt fun, but it hasnt been hot so I cant complain.  Also, one day while we had language class, we were outside, and I saw a bunch of parakeets flying over head.  There are such pretty birds here!! Also, I was worried that Mexico City was going to be super loud and it would be hard for me to sleep, but I havent even had any problems yet. I sleep soundly every night.  One night, my companion even heard me laughing in the middle of the night.  I guess I was having a good dream :)

I am now in week 4, and now we have many more goals to accomplish.  My morning teacher is also very strict, but she is helping us prepare so thats good.  Also, we have been teaching her like we would an investigator and she has been a really hard investigator to teach, but she told us later that the reason she is so hard on us is because she knows that we can do it.  I have so many things to improve on in my teaching, and I love knowing what i need to improve on too, because i want to be the best missionary out there. 

Last week, my most spiritual experience is when we saw a broadcast of Elder Andersen.  The most powerful thing he said was probably that a mission was a marathon not a race.  This also relates to life in enduring to the end.  I also memorized D & C 4 all in Spanish this week.  

Love you!
Thanks for all the letters :)
Hermana Findlay

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