Monday, February 13, 2017

Loving Brownsville

Dear Friends and Family,

Yeah, so this week, as many of you heard I got transferred to Brownsville!!! I am now with a Southern California sister missionary from my MTC group, We were already companions/best friends for three months of our missions and now we get to be together again.  Hopefully we can finish out our missions together! Also, another piece of good news is that I am in a Spanish area now.  This time, I hardly ever speak English during the day!! How crazy!  I can probably count the number of times I have spoken English to someone on my fingers.  It is awesome!!  It has been a little rough to get back into the groove of Spanish again, but I am glad that I am learning so much Spanish again.  I get to start off in a Spanish area and now end up in a Spanish area.  Also, it is a very humble branch.  My favorite member so far is a recent convert of a few months.  There is a picture of her and her daughter actually at her house for dinner with the other sisters we live with. 

Also, I get to live with Sister Villalobos again! I did my 2nd transfer (her 1st transfer) and we are pretty good friends.  I am sure you are probably wondering, "How did you get soo lucky?" And don't worry, I am wondering the exact same thing.  I think being with Sister Stanfill has helped me to work even harder because we worked REALLY hard when we were put together back in July and August and we know the potential of each other so it motivates us.

My last night in Edinburg with the Harding's (my favorite member family there).

My welcome to Brownsville room.  I'm not as spoiled here as I was in Edinburg.  I have to share a shower with the other 3 sisters and we have to go to a laundromat, but that's okay with me.
Our zone went out to lunch at Wendy's, but Sister Stanfill and I brought healthy food instead.
Part of that investigator family.  We told her the day before that we wanted a picture of her and her family and then she did her hair and make-up for it.  We aren't sure why the family of 7 didn't show up to church on Sunday though. However, we taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity this week, and even though Laura likes coffee, she is willing to trade it for herbal tea!

 A Pho Chinese restaurant we just ate at. There are such good food places here in Brownsville.
 An investigator of ours who just moved up here for work from Guatemala.  He gave Sister Stanfill and I that "bouquet" of flowers made out of beer cans.
 Paula and Pamela (the recent converts) at their house for dinner.

We bought two dozen doughnuts because we had a coupon for buy one get one free.  One dozen we gave to an investigator family of ours and we gave 6 to a really cool member family from Utah, but they know Spanish.

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